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SAP Workforce Performance Builder software is gaining momentum

We flagged SAP Education’s newest solution for end-user enablement, Workforce Performance Builder, as the one to watch back in September, and we are now starting to see more details about just how much impact this tool is going to have. As SAP’s flagship education tool, it’s positioned as the tool to have for integrating eLearning and mLearning with SAP. If you currently use UPerform, Captivate or UPK, this product needs to be on your radar.

With WPB you can push help content to the user, directly in SAP

With WPB you can push help content to the user, directly in SAP

What is it?

Formerly datango Performance Suite, the leading product in the workforce enablement space, SAP acquired the software (and staff) in February 2012 and had it re-branded for sale as SAP Workforce Performance Builder by March 2012.  Enhancements were swift, with 17 languages and other functionality added to customise it for optimal SAP integration.

It consists of 4 components:

  • Instant Producer – simple, intuitive recording by any key user or SME
  • Producer – enhanced content development
  • Manager – content revision, versioning, and reporting
  • Navigator – content-sensitive help pushed to the user directly in SAP

This video overview explains the product in more detail.

Why is it so promising?

  • It’s customised for SAP, therefore has higher content accuracy and quality than other tools, which means less editing and lower development costs;
  • It offers rapid content creation with more formats from a single recording than other tools;
  • It has been built with mobile learning in mind – single source content can be used for both desktop and mobile playback without the need for a separate recording;
  • It’s integrated within SAP, allowing field-level help to be pushed to the user, rather than the user having to open another application (which aligns with the way learning is headed, as outlined in this Inside SAP article on learning trends); and
  • It’s excellent at creating content for other software applications as well, giving added value and facilitating consistent content across your suite of learning materials.
SAP Workforce Performance Builder Roadmap

More importantly though, SAP has a brilliant roadmap for the product, so the functionality is going to get better rapidly. Major releases will occur every year, and support packs will be released quarterly.

The 9.2 release, due in March 2013, will integrate with Solution Manager, so that process changes recorded in SolMan can be directly exported to the Manager component in Workforce Performance Builder. Quicker updates and neat integration – nice.

Like to know more?

Adapt2 Consulting staff are certified to train SAP Workforce Performance Builder and we are very passionate about its potential.  If you are interested in learning more about Workforce Performance Builder, seeing a demonstration, or receiving training, contact us.

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