At Adapt2 Consulting, we are extremely passionate about ensuring that your systems deliver maximum value to the organisation.  We offer a suite of services to help you achieve just that, including a collaborative service model, which lets you select from strategic and planning consultation through to full service delivery.  Of course, we utilise many software tools as part of our services, but importantly, because we aren’t agents for any products, you’re assured of independent advice to ensure only the best recommendations for your organisation.

See what work we have done previously, and then contact us to learn how we can help your organisation.

Change Management and Training Consulting

We will partner with you to develop a practical implementation approach to deliver a successful change management outcome.

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Business Process Development

For everyone to understand their individual role and how the teams function together, business processes must be clearly mapped.

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Communication Development

Clearly-defined and professionally executed communication works hand-in-hand with the change strategy to keep users informed and engaged.

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Learning Content Development & Delivery

Truly effective training solutions energise and motivate people, without them even realising how much they have retained.

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Hosted eLearning Solutions

Our hosted eLearning solutions makes personalised learning content immediately available, without a separate LMS implementation.

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Business as usual - content maintenance and training delivery

Deliver excellent training and maintain your content long after the implementation, without large overheads.

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eLearning, mLearning and Social Learning

Make use of the latest technologies to maximise the effectiveness of your training program.

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LMS Consulting and Implementation

Implement a modern Learning Management System which invites collaboration, is easy to use, permits powerful reporting, and doesn’t cost the earth.

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Social Media Consulting

Incorporate social media into your online marketing, LMS or project implementation and really engage with your clients or users, using the latest applications.

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