About the Directors

Our Mission, Approach & Values

Welcome to Adapt2 Consulting. We provide bespoke Change Management, Learning and Technology solutions to organisations which need to adapt to changing processes and systems. We have helped many organisations to do just that, resulting in happier, more productive staff, quicker, which delivers bottom line results. And we can do the same for your organisation. Change that involves, energises and motivates. We call it Total User Adoption.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people to understand what they are doing and why, who it affects, and how to do it most efficiently.

In short, Total User Adoption, to realise business benefits in the shortest possible timeframe.

Our Approach

We don’t have customers; we have partners.

We engage at all levels of an organisation.

We are progressive, mastering the latest in learning technology and making it work for our customers.

We believe:

  • That everyone can change, but the pace and method varies.
  • That everyone wants to do a good job, and maximise their use of systems, but there are different learning styles.
  • That everyone will take pride, if they are involved.
  • That the tangible bottom line results only come from cultivating the intangible human aspects.

Our Values

  • Through collaboration we succeed and win together
  • No success can be celebrated without absolute integrity
  • There must always be improvement and innovation
  • Work doesn’t feel like it when you are having fun
  • We must always care for others and our habitat

About the Directors