Effective SAP Security through Engagement

This article is featured in the Inside SAP 2014 Yearbook - due out Sep/Oct 2013.
It was co-authored with Robert Budic, Director of Turnkey Consulting.

You are not authorised to use transaction ME21N. Pause.  (Thought bubble appears). Why don’t I have access?  I used to be able to create purchase orders.  I need to be able to do this.  Why is my manager stopping me from doing my job? (Sound of pencil snapping). “Rob, can I borrow your SAP password... (Read more)

SAUG National Summit 2013 – Sydney 11,12 September

The SAUG National Summit 2013 will take place from the 11th – 12th September, at the Hilton Hotel Sydney. As SAUG members will know, this is the flagship event in the SAUG calendar, and highlights this year include: 8 keynote presentations and 45+ customer presentations covering over 20 SAP solutions Dedicated SAP HANA Workshop, presented by Jeff Word, VP Product Strategy,... (Read more)

SAP Workforce Performance Builder software is gaining momentum

We flagged SAP Education’s newest solution for end-user enablement, Workforce Performance Builder, as the one to watch back in September, and we are now starting to see more details about just how much impact this tool is going to have. As SAP’s flagship education tool, it’s positioned as the tool to have for integrating eLearning and mLearning with... (Read more)

SAUG Canberra Forum – 13 March 2013

The SAUG Canberra Forum has been scheduled for the 13th of March 2013, at the Canberra Park Hyatt. As SAUG members will know, this is an invaluable, one-day annual event.  It provides a forum for more than 150 public sector professionals to discuss challenges unique to their SAP landscape.  It’s a great opportunity to network and... (Read more)

SAP’s Rapid Deployment Solutions Suite Increases

SAP recently announced the release of its new Incident Management rapid deployment solution, which helps customers avoid dangerous and costly workplace accidents. The new solution from SAP helps customers minimize those risks that could lead to catastrophic events and compromise business continuity, not to mention managing smaller events – similar goals to that of the... (Read more)

Maintaining your SAP Investment

This article is featured in Inside SAP magazine's Summer 2012 edition

“If you think training is a waste of money, calculate the cost of not training” – Anon. You’ve just started with a new employer and have had the safety induction, been introduced to the key people and have been shown your work station.  You’re excited, nervous and wondering what to expect next.  The company runs... (Read more)

From the Archives – SAP Songs

Apparently, over 60% of songs are about love and relationships. Love is certainly something worth singing about, especially if you are in love. But what if you love SAP…what do you listen to then? There are no SAP love songs, are there? Well, actually, Yes there are. As the year draws to a close, and... (Read more)

Oracle, SAP fight for market share in India

Oracle and SAP are going head-to-head for market share in India, where enterprises are spending more than ever before on technology. In the past few weeks, California-based Oracle, once a pure database specialist, has published advertisements specifically targeting the clients of SAP, the world’s largest business software maker. India is the main game for global growth opportunities.... (Read more)

SAP offers new environmental reporting solutions

SAP today announced two new products that will make clever use of cloud technology to improve supply-chain management and regulatory compliance for manufacturers. The new products include the Product Stewardship Network and EHS Regulatory Documentation OnDemand. Both are based on the idea of sharing information so that it only has to be collected once –... (Read more)

SAP accelerates Mobile Solutions offering

On the 19th September, SAP announced the opening of a new SAP Mobility Design Centre in Palo Alto, Calif., to help customers meet the growing need for individualized mobile solutions.... (Read more)