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The one to watch – SAP Workforce Performance Builder

Workforce Performance Builder is a new training content creation tool from SAP, and it looks promising in delivering improved content development productivity. A few features grabbed our attention and are listed below:

  1. Advanced SAP object recognition capacity optimised for SAP will result in more accurate recording requiring less editing and reformatting.
  2. Have you ever felt or heard that it’s almost better to start from scratch, rather than editing an existing simulation or support document? Builder offers automatic rerecording, saving time when dealing with minor screen changes.
  3. Subject-Matter experts are often stretched for time with little time to spare and dedicate to the development of end user content. WPB includes an intuitive instant producer allowing SMEs to create highly accurate documentation without learning how to use the full version Producer. Notes can be added and passed to the professional content development team for further editing or used immediately.

Refer to SAP® Workforce Performance Builder: Building the Skills That Build Value for more information.

Postscript (added 3rd February 2013): read more about Workforce Performance Builder in this more recent blog post.

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