Marie Lambrechts

About Marie Lambrechts

Marié is a highly-experienced SAP Change and Training Manager. She has designed and implemented many successful change management programs. Passionate about modern business and helping people to embrace technology so that individuals and organisations can grow and prosper.

What is a MOOC?

Select from one of the following options: a) A kind of deer, related to a Moose, but found only in China. b) A mobile book, alternate term for an eBook. c) Massive Open Online Course Correct, the answer is c) Massive Open Online Course – a tool for democratising higher education. In the past few... (Read more)

The one to watch – SAP Workforce Performance Builder

Workforce Performance Builder is a new training content creation tool from SAP, and it looks promising in delivering improved content development productivity. A few features grabbed our attention and are listed below: Advanced SAP object recognition capacity optimised for SAP will result in more accurate recording requiring less editing and reformatting. Have you ever felt... (Read more)